The Board has seven members, five of the Commissioners are appointed to a five year term of office by the Mayor of the city of Watervliet. Two of the seven are elected by the residents for a two year term. Each member volunteers their time to serve and attends a monthly board meeting. Meetings are normally held at the main office, 2400 Second Ave the last Monday of every month at 7:30pm. Each member brings their own expertise to the Board to better serve the residents of the Authority and make the Watervliet Housing Authority a jewel of the City of Watervliet.
  • Charles A. Jeseo , Vice Chairman
  • Sandra J. Beston , Board Chairwomam
  • Regina Warner , Board Member
  • Jane Hayes , Board Member
  • Jeff Czarnecki , Board Member
  • Paul Murphy , Board Member
  • Jean Knight , Board Member