July Newsletter

1. Rent is due Friday, July 10th 2. The Nassau Band will be at Quinn Community Room on July 6th and Hanratta Community Room on July 20th. 3. The Summer Lunch Program at the Joslin Community Room starts July 5th! 4. All tenants: Be sure to report ALL income changes! Failure to do so can result in an eviction process. 5. 2nd Annual Kids Night Out will be on July 6th from 6-8 PM in front of the WHA Office 6. The Complimentary Brunch at Quinn Apartments has been changed to Wednesday, July 19th

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WHA Board Meeting

July 31 6:00PM
Admin Office


August 15-  Joslin
Apts: 501-208


August 16 – Joslin
Apts: 519-540