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WHA Newsletters

1. Joslin Inspections: August 16th (Apts 501-518), August 17th (Apts 519-540), and August 18th (Apts 541-558)
2. Laptops For Seniors Program on Page 2
3. Whitney Young Health Center invites residents to their Open House on Tuesday, August 9th. More information on Page 4.
4. Information on Projects around the WHA can be found on Page 5.
5. The Summer Lunch Program for children 18 years of age and younger are being held in 4 locations in Watervliet. Check out Page 6 for dates, times, and locations closest to you!
6. The 2016 Beautification Contest Winners can be found on Page 7. Thank you to all our tenants who participate!
7. Are you interested in getting a Dodge Caravan? The WHA is accepting bids on a 2010 Caravan by August 17th. If you're interested, check out the last page of the newsletter for more information.

pdf button   August 2016 Newsletter