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Helping Tenants Be The Best They Can Be
The WHA continuously holds informational events and sessions to alert tenants to new educational and employment opportunities and services including:

    * Open houses for local colleges and trade schools
    * Job fair and local employment agency announcements
    * Job skills training classes including computer training, resume writing and interviewing skills
    * Free resume writing service
    * Civil Service job announcements
    * Free child care during training courses
In-Home Education
WHA’s In-Home Education program will build and strengthen the educational, vocation, and daily living knowledge of residents by developing television programs and events that will be transmitted via the WHA master antenna and video production system. Now we can transmit over the local cable provider on Channel 17 to the entire city of Watervliet.

Examples of workshops, seminars and course to be offered through this program include: Drug Prevention programs or Public service accouchements (PSA’s), CPR, How to Keep Kids Off Drugs, Stress Management, Basic First Aid, Aerobics and Fitness, Typing, Start Your Own Business, Seeking Legal Aid in Time of Need, Single Parenting, and computer education.

Our School children help and edit many of the PSA’s and have won national recognition from these productions. Do you want to put announcement on our TV station? it's easy! Click here for a form and fax to our office. WHA's own TV Station!

Section 3 Employment Experience Survey
The Watervliet Housing Authority is encouraging all tenants to fill out this form so if there is ever a case that some employer is looking for certain skills we can send them possible applicants and also notify you of potential job openings. If you have any questions on possible employment and we can help, let us know. We notify all tenants of potential job openings by email so it is important to let us now any changes in email addresss.
Did You Know?
    * Education and Job Skills classes are held at night to ensure that working tenants can also participate
    * Many of our tenants are pursuing higher education at Educational Opportunity Centers where secretarial, nursing and business courses are offered, some attending college even master programs.
    * The WHA hires several residents every year and train them in maintenance, janitorial services, child care and office skills
Tenant Volunteers and Summer Youth Employment
In addition to paid tenant employees, several residents volunteer their services to plant flowers, make deliveries, and supervise children in the After-School Program. Also, each summer the WHA hires approximately 25 youths to do general maintenance jobs, giving them early job experience and skills. WHA residents receive highest priority for consideration for these positions.