Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Sgt. David M. Fisher a native of Watervliet was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom on December 1, 2004.  Fisher was a member of the Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 101st Cavalry Regiment of the so-called "Rainbow Division."  Losing David was a terrible tragedy which affected the entire Watervliet community.  Being able to dedicate this area in the newly redeveloped Van Rensselaer Village not only honors David for his service to our country, but also ensures Watervliet residents will not forget the ultimate sacrifice David paid on our behalf.  On Memorial Day, we invite the entire community to visit Van Rensselaer Village to not only see the Housing Authority’s commitment to our fellow Watervliet residents through redeveloping the apartment complex, but also to visit the Sgt. David M. Fisher Memorial.  The memorial is the Housing Authority’s way of acknowledging and honoring David and his family.

December 2014 Newsletter

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WHA Annual Plan 2013

Each year the Watervliet Housing Authority is required to submit to the general public and then to HUD a copy of its annual plan that tell about its goals, objectives...


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