Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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Sgt. David M. Fisher a native of Watervliet was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom on December 1, 2004.  Fisher was a member of the Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 101st Cavalry Regiment of the so-called "Rainbow Division."  Losing David was a terrible tragedy which affected the entire Watervliet community.  Being able to dedicate this area in the newly redeveloped Van Rensselaer Village not only honors David for his service to our country, but also ensures Watervliet residents will not forget the ultimate sacrifice David paid on our behalf.  On Memorial Day, we invite the entire community to visit Van Rensselaer Village to not only see the Housing Authority’s commitment to our fellow Watervliet residents through redeveloping the apartment complex, but also to visit the Sgt. David M. Fisher Memorial.  The memorial is the Housing Authority’s way of acknowledging and honoring David and his family.

January 2015 Newsletter

1. REAC Inspections for Hanratta and Quinn will be on January 6th and 7th. They will be 20 random units. If you have any work orders, please call the office before these dates. Hanratta inspections will be at 1:00 PM on the 6th and Quinn on the 7th.

2. Attention Hanratta Residents: We will be inspecting windows in each apartment starting on Tuesday, January 6th. Inspections will begin at 10 AM. Residents do not have to be present. We ask that windows be accessible.

3. Announcement: Make sure your car is moved by 9 am the day after it snows for plowing. Cars will be towed so we can be sure the area is clean. This is for your and others' safety to make the parking areas safe. Do not park in the Pioneer Bank parking lot.

4. 2015 Utility Allowance Update (Chart Attached)

   Utility Allowance Update

  January 2015 Newsletter

Need a job doing construction work?

Need to pay some extra bills? Well we have been told that there are some job opening and the rate of pay is around $12/hour at the new construction site next to the Cohoes Housing Manor sites complex. If you or someone you know is interested, let me know via email or call the Cohoes Office at 235-4500 and leave me a message.

If you’re a housing tenant you could qualify for our Section 3 program which we can explain more to you if you’re interested. Good luck and Happy New Year!

This message is being sent to all CHA/WHA residents, members of both communities and anyone that I thought would benefit or someone could benefit from this opportunity. This is a direct result of our ability to provide FREE PC’s to any tenant and in addition providing FREE internet to all our 9 sites, over 800 apartments.

December 2014 Newsletter

- Santa is coming!
- Ice ment for common entrances!
- More than just presents!
- How to take care of your christmas tree!
- more....

  December 2014 Newsletter

November 2014 Newsletter

- Important Health Information
- Helping with Homework
- Christmas is almost here
- Thanksgiving
- more...

  November 2014 Newsletter

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WHA Annual Plan 2013

Each year the Watervliet Housing Authority is required to submit to the general public and then to HUD a copy of its annual plan that tell about its goals, objectives...


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